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Top 8 Healthy Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs and Improve Breathing


The Cause of Lung Damage: What Pollutants Behind it

An estimate suggests that an average of 1 out of 6 people in the world are diagnosed with lung cancer. Although smoking is one of the leading factors that contribute to lung cancer, there are many other silent killers present around us as well that impact our lungs. Even those who have not been exposed to smoking are infected by it due to many reasons. Air pollution is one of the many reasons why our lungs get damaged over the period. It includes industrial smoke, fuel burning and many other forms of air pollution that constantly make their way into our bodies as well as our homes. Indoor pollution refers to the bad quality of air that is present inside a home or a building. The presence of harmful substances in the air impacts our health more than we would like to admit.

Top 8 Healthy Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs and Improve Breathing

Pollen, dust, allergens, and many other contaminants in the air around us cause many health issues that may result in lung cancer, throat cancer or triggering our common allergies to an escalated level. The air that you breathe may also have traces of harmful contaminants such as chlorine, noxious gasses, and chemicals from the cleaning supplies. The mold growing in the back wall is not just ruining your kitchen wall, but it is actively contributing to your cough and sneezes. It is an ideal place for many bacterial organisms to flourish.

Is it Possible to Restore the Lungs?

When we are exposed to the pollutants in the air around us for an extended period, we often damage our lungs a great deal. Since it actively tries to filter the air, we breathe and work best against dust particles, it gets affected one way or the other. We often feel congested nose, sore throat, and sneezes when the allergy season is back in town. This is all because our body fights against all of this through the immunity system and this is how our body responds to dust, smoke, and other harmful contaminants in the air.

Top 08 healthy Ways to Clean Your Lungs & Improve Breathing

It is only logical that your mind has started to ask the right type of questions. How to keep your lungs clean and improve the quality of air that you breathe. We have here a list of 08 healthy ways for the environment around you.

1. Get Rid of Artificial Scents

We all love coming home to the smell of dandelions or jasmine, but we all know that is only possible through artificial air fresheners. They consist of fragrant air stored in an aerosol can. What we often do not realize is the harmful chemicals that these products come with.

2. Ventilate Your Home

Ventilation provides fresh air in your home and circulates better air inside and out. It helps reduce anxiety and is also important for a healthy sleep pattern.

3. Air Purifier

In the minimalist designs, we all love and aspire to have for our living, the concept of open windows and doors has taken a backseat. Air purifiers can be taken anywhere from home to work to provide clean and healthy air continuously with low power consumption and the latest filtering technology, it circulates healthy air for us to breathe while removing the harmful airborne particles.

4. Breathing Exercises

Your lungs will thank you if you run or take a brisk walk every day, any time of the day. Exercise makes the lung muscles strong and helps them work better against the harmful pollutants in the air.

5. Focus on Your Diet

It is important that you eat well to feel good. Your diet plays an important role in the physical health that you have. Eating healthy benefits your body’s organs.

6. Change the House Filters

If you have a central air conditioning or central heating system, then you should properly maintain your filters and clean them on a schedule. It will keep the dust and germs at bay.

7. Chest Percussion

In case your lungs are already somewhat affected by mucus then chest percussion will prove very effective for you. It is used by healthcare specialists to clear the lungs from mucus.

8. Steam Therapy

Inhaling steam even when you have no complaints of lung or throat will make a great contribution to your overall physical health. It helps provide warmth and moisture to an otherwise dry throat that may cause a dry cough that is irritating.


Until and unless we focus on the quality of air, we breathe not just outdoors but also indoors does a great benefit to us. Air pollution is responsible for hundreds of deaths annually and we underestimate it a great deal. It is not necessary that only if the air looks bad, it is harmful only. Airborne particles are often naked to the human eye. Along with exercises, and an improvement in the diet, if you add a medical grade air purifier then your overall physical health will be of great benefit to you. Invest in your health and reap benefits always.

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