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Top 6 Dog Shoes to Protect your New Pup’s Feet


In today’s world, having dogs can make our lives better. We live an isolated life with a virtual and proxy connectedness. But a dog tends to understand your emotions, and even consoles you on a gloomy day. They are happy with the smallest things, like a car ride or a walk to the nearby shop. They love you unconditionally, and those pleading eyes teach you to live life without greed and filth. They make you walk and run around, and are great for maintaining fitness too. It is our responsibility that our best friends have a happy and safe life. So, how well we take care of our pets indicates our love and gratitude towards them. Most of us take the pet regularly to a vet, bathe them, and provide nutritious food. And, who does not like to play with them, so chew toys, balls, frisbees are common. Many people train their dogs, and pets can follow simple commands. Dogs are the animals to love such training as they prefer socializing and form bonding with their owners.

Top 6 Dog Shoes to Protect your New Pups Feet

People take their dogs to swimming pools, hike trips, and even beaches. Nowadays, special yoga sessions and fitness centers are open that let you take your pet along. With a little training, your dog can join you on the surfboard too. Dogs can solve board puzzles and fill your shopping cart in the supermarket. The dog games are entertaining for both children and adults.

Dog Essentials:

As owners, we must take care of the pups. Our purpose is not enjoyment alone, we must regard the pet as our kid. You should consider allocating a separate place for the dog to sleep, have feeding bowls, and clean them daily. Similarly, every new puppy will require collars, harness, or a leash. One should consult a vet before buying deodorizers, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Puppy pads, toys, and best treats are also necessary for the safety and comfort of a new dog.

One often tends to neglect the need for dog shoes. The dog paw pads are not as soft as the human feet, but they are not hard like that of a horse. Among all protection gears, it is the shoes that the pet dogs require the most. You can check the different options available below. If you are a new dog owner check the best Dog Breeds for first time owners.

1. Kurgo Step and Strobe Dog Boots:

These all-weather shoes are suitable for rugged surfaces and uneven terrain. They are made of synthetic rubber and have a mesh design that allows sufficient ventilation. They have an adjustable cord around the ankle so that the shoes are held tight and secure. So, they are the best choice for your adventure trips. The top surface and the strap has a reflective weld that ensures 360-degree reflectivity. There is also an option of having LED lights around the strap. To know the right size, you have to measure the widest part of the paw when the dog is standing straight. In seventy dollars, you get two pairs of these dog shoes.

2. My Busy Dog Boots:

My Busy Dog Boots

These shoes are water-resistant and snug around the ankles. They have anti-slip soles and provide good traction. The upper cover and the lower sole are stitched together, which ensures durability. The shoe design has reflective stripes and comes in different colors. There are eight sizes, and it is advisable to go in-store and try the fit. Dogs need some space for moving their toes, and the shoe should not be too tight in the front. It comes with an adjustable double strap. The material is water-resistant and is suitable for ceramic floors, hot pavements, and even on snow. Thus, one need not buy different shoes for different seasons. The cost is around thirty-six dollars.

3. Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots:

These boots are made of natural rubber and are biodegradable. There are no straps or cords and come in different colors. You can wash and reuse them also. They keep the paws clean and protect them from exposure to chemicals, microbes, and dirt. The shoes are light-weight, give a natural-feeling, and little pups feel comfortable wearing them. They are waterproof and are suitable for all seasons. They come in a pack of twelve sets, and you can use each at least three times. There are seven sizes, and you have to choose the size that is a snug fit. These are suitable for little pups who are not comfortable wearing heavy dog shoes. These are available in retail stores and cost around twelve dollars.

4. Bark Brite Neoprene Dog Shoes:

These are the perfect shoes for little pups. They come in small sizes and are expandable. The inner portion of the shoes has a soft layer that keeps the paws warm and cozy. The soles provide good traction and are suitable for daily use. The neoprene material offers a snug fit, but adjustable straps are also available, in case your dog can remove the shoes easily. The plus point with these boots is they are easy to put on. They come in black color with reflective cords. They are sold in a pack of four, and the price is around thirty dollars.

5. Ethical Pets All-Weather Dog Booties:

These dog shoes are budget-friendly as the cost of four shoes is around 12 dollars. These shoes have a pseudo leather non-skid sole. An adjustable velcro fastener holds the shoes tight. The outer fabric is nylon with an inner lining of fleece polyester. So, they are easy to clean and dry quickly. These are water-proof and fit for all seasons. They come in six sizes. The least size is 2.25 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, and they are more suitable for little pups. They come in two colors black/red and have a grey reflective strip on the top.

6. HaveGet Waterproof Dog Shoes:

These shoes are made of water-repellent material and have broad velcro straps that can snug tightly around the pup’s leg. The sole is hard and skid-proof. It comes in a wide range of sizes from XXS to XXL. Apart from specifying the length and width of each size, the manufactures also specify the weight range of the pup. These are easy to place and ensure a stable walk. They are ideal for any surface and all-weather conditions. The stitching between the sole and the upper fabric is strong. So, these shoes have a long life. The shoe color is a bright orange that provides good visibility.

It is advisable that the pet gets to wear dog shoes from the beginning. You can start by using expandable ones as you need not worry much with the fitting. These help in keeping the house clean, and also protect the floor surface from scratches. The shoes must be easy to put on and comfortable for the dog. Water-resistance is a necessity for slightly hydrophobic dogs. One can go for sturdier and durable ones for the adventure-loving pooches. You have to measure the paw length with the dog standing, and should also measure the widest part of the paw. If the dog is uncomfortable, then you have to divert its attention by playing games or giving treats. It is for their safety and our responsibility to train them wearing shoes.

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