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5 Tips To Give Your Daughter’s Quinceanera a Perfect Charro Theme


For those of you who do not know, a charro is a traditional Mexican cowboy. And if you are looking for a theme for your daughter’s upcoming quinceanera, this is a great choice. However it does not meant that we are asking you to hire a cowboy and have your daughter ride a horse sitting behind him on her special day, no. What we mean is to have the Mexican flavor in the occasion.

5 Tips To Give Your Daughters Quinceanera a Perfect Charro Theme

So, in this blog we will be giving you some tips that you can incorporate in your daughter’s quinceanera and turn it into a great occasion loved equally both by your daughter and her friends and their families. The Charro is a vibrant theme for a quince, full of traditional elements and there are many Quinceanera Venues in Houston that will help you achieve this look.

Here are 5 tips on having a charro quince for your daughter:

1. The color: Charro has a traditional Mexico vibe. And this involves vibrant colors which includes yellow, blue, green, red, purple and pink. However, if you think all these colors will be a bit too much, you can go for the colors that are found in the Mexican flag i.e. red, white and green. Many Quinceanera Party Halls Houston let you customize your décor. Their in-house designers will help you give your hall the perfect Mexican charro theme.

2. Music: Music is rooted in the traditions of Mexico. And if you want to incorporate Mexican music to give your daughter the perfect dance vibes, a mariachi band is a must. Mariachi is regional Mexican music genre and is very popular for its rustic tunes all around the world. There are many party venues in Houston that provide Mariachi bands with professional Mariachi musicians as a part of their entertainment services. They also offer DJs, and sound systems with mics too.

3. Decorations: The décor of a charro quinceanera revolves around the color scheme. As we had talked about in the first point, you can either have many colors or you can those of the Mexican flag. You can think of incorporating vases, sombreros, roses, candles, colorful throws, saddles, etc. All these can be great innovative centerpieces giving your daughter’s quince the perfect Mexican charro touch. There are many Houston party venues that provide not just centerpieces but also flowers. To add a Mexican beauty to the quince, you can have dahlias, orchids and marigolds. Talk to the decoration team of the venue you are booking and design it the way your daughter will love it.

4. The Food: Food is an essential element in any celebration. And in this case, since we have a charro theme, opting for a Mexican cuisine is a must. You can think of incorporating elote, churros, fresas con crema, fresh fruit con chile, chicharrones de harina, and much more. There are many quinceanera venues in Houston that provide multiple cuisines including Mexican. So, you can easily give your guests the perfect Mexican flavor worth relishing.

5. The Cake: Your daughter’s quinceanera will not come to an end without her cutting the cake. And there are indeed many quinceanera party halls Houston that provide customized cakes for the occasion. Since it is a charro theme, you can have a poster table too. This includes a cake along with conchas, Mexican candles, and other additionals.

These 5 tips will make your daughter’s Quinceanera perfect in the most Mexican way possible. The charro theme will give make it unique and will surely be a great surprise for your daughter as well as her friends. The in-house designers at many quinceanera venues in Houston will be able to help you a lot in giving the perfect shape to the Charro theme and décor.


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