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Want to Know about Heart Bypass Surgery Cost in India?


Heart bypass surgery is a common process nowadays performed on adults. It is recommended by Heart surgeon when one or more blood vessels that help to transport blood to the heart become partially blocked. It involves much preparation as well as recovery time. However, someone must undergo heart bypass surgery in an emergency, but mostly, the operation is planned. The surgery is completely safe and very much effective to reduce the risk of heart attack as well as death. The most common indication of heart disease is chest pain.

Want to know about Heart bypass surgery cost in India

Types of heart bypass surgery

Heart bypass surgery is also known as open-heart surgery, and in it, the surgeon cuts the chest open to reach the heart to perform the operation on-pump or off-pump. The two types of heart bypass surgery are

• On pump surgery

It involves using a heart-lung machine to circulate blood and breathes in the overall body. This machine assists heart specialist to stop the heart and which makes operation easier.

• Off-pump surgery

It is also known as beating heart surgery, and it is performed when the heart is still beating, and the use of the heart-lung machine is not done.

There are also some situations where the heart surgeon performs the surgery without opening the chest. The risks during the operation depend upon person to person.

What to expect?

If your heart surgery is not an emergency, then you would be likely to be admitted to the hospital on the same day in the morning of the surgery. The surgery takes place between three to six hours and requires anesthesia. The number of bypasses you will need entirely depends upon your heart and severity of blockages.

After the heart bypass surgery, you have to spend a day or two in ICU as breathing tube will remain in your throat till the time you are awake. After that, you will be given a schedule of exercise along with education to help you to recover faster. If no complications, you will be discharged from the hospital within a week. At first, you would have difficulty doing an everyday task or walking a short distance. The time you come home after the surgery if you experience below listed complications, you should immediately contact your doctor:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Fever
  • Worsened pain all around your chest wound
  • Reddening around your chest or else bleeding from your chest wound

You would be fully recovered within six months to 12 weeks and can return to work as a normal routine.

Changes after surgery

Following successful heart bypass surgery, mostly all people feel better. Your results, along with long term outcomes, will entirely depend upon the fact that how you are taking your medications to prevent blood clots, lower cholesterol, and lower blood sugar as directed. Below listed lifestyle changes a= recommendations would include:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Must follow a healthy eating plan including the DASH diet
  • Achieving and maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercising regularly
  • Managing stress levels

Top heart bypass surgery doctors in India

• Dr Ashok Seth having 38 years of experience
• Dr Naresh Trehan having 40 years of experience
• Dr Ajay Kaul having 36 years of experience
• Dr Murtaza Ahmed Chisti
• Dr Satyamurthy I having 37 years of experience

Heart bypass surgery cost

Heart bypass surgery cost in India ranges amid USD 4500 to USD 6000. There is no need to worry as because of advancements in the techniques and equipment heart bypass surgery success rate is very close to 100 per cent. As about 90 percent of patients who undergo the surgery experience reduction in symptoms and also carry out the lesser risk of heart attacks.

Heart surgery does not cure the heart disease that caused blockage, so always keep in mind that lifestyle changes are also part of treatment. You just have to follow medications along with a healthy lifestyle after the heart bypass surgery to let your heart function well.


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