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Give Your Family A Healthy Lifestyle With Aquafresh Water Purifier


Increasing awareness among people has directed them to bring changes in their lifestyle. Contamination and adulteration have shaken the purity level of resources. The purity of one of the essential resources –water has been questioned. It is said that drinking clean water that contains essential nutrients is key to a healthy lifestyle. With a tremendous increase in pollution and scarcity of this natural resource, clean and pure water has become the point of attraction.

Give Your Family A Healthy Lifestyle With Aquafresh Water Purifier

Drinking water has been contaminated with different types of pollutants and harmful impurities due to an increase in pollution. In-take of this hazardous resource can give rise to many water-borne diseases like cholera, jaundice, etc. which can become severe at times. It may sometimes become the reason for any disability in infants.

Many researchers and scientist across the world have come up with many remedies to save, filter, and reuse water. Water purifiers are one of the outcomes which are considered reliable and have gained popularity at a rapid pace in less time. This tremendous increase in demand has become a call for many water purification companies to join the race.

Advantages Of Filtered Water

  • Drinking water half an hour before and after a meal helps in reducing weight
  • Many impurities and unwanted substances that do not get eliminated by using mud pot or boiled water get removed by using water purifiers only
  • Purified water helps in boosting immunity in kids, which helps in their growth
  • Drinking clean water cleanses your skin, making it glowing and healthy
  • Clean water helps in breaking the food into particles, which helps in easy absorption of nutrients from food
  • A good water purifier maintains the ph level, takes care of TDS levels, removes unwanted impurities and metals, and retains the essential nutrients required by the human body

Different water purifiers use different technology to clean water. Choosing the best water purifier depends on the quality of water and its TDS levels.TDS or Total Dissolved Solids are the total numbers of ions, including minerals, salts, and metals dissolved in water. It is expressed as mg per unit volume of water (mg/L) or parts per million (ppm) if TDS level higher value than 500 ppm is considered as hard or contaminated water.

Aquafresh Water purifier

Aquafresh is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of water purifier known for its high-quality product and services. We deal in all types of water purifiers. Being reasonable in price, our product rules the market. On purchasing an Aquafresh water purifier, you get free installation and one year service free. Our pool of product is a perfect fit for all types of home, industries irrespective of their sizes.

Types of Aquafresh Water purifier

  • RO water purifier
  • UV water purifier
  • Mineral water purifier
  • RO+UV+TDS Water purifier
  • Alkaline Water purifier
  • Commercial RO plant

Why us?

  • Our filtration process is designed keeping in mind standard health and safety guidelines
  • Aquafresh water purifier eliminates those contaminants also that cannot be easily removed
  • Aquafresh water purifiers are designed, keeping in mind the quality and cost factors. Hence costs less than bottled water
  • We care for you and ensure the presence of essential nutrients in water after filtration that helps in retaining the taste of water too
  • You get clean and pure water free from all pollutants and no particles of mud present
  • Our water purifiers are eco-friendly that does not harm the environment while filtering
  • We also deal in high-quality spare parts at quite affordable prices
  • We also provide water purifiers on quarterly and monthly basis rent
  • We also have exchange offers on our water purifiers of leading brands at best prices

In short, we are a Delhi-based company that is committed to providing the best services, along with maintaining the highest level of quality and hygiene. Our clients from different sectors are the witness of our quality services.

Aquafresh Service Center

Aquafresh Service center is one of the best-known customer service support known as a one-stop solution to all your water purifier problems. Our active and well-updated team is known for quick response and action. Just call us and Aquafresh service team will be at your doorsteps in the shortest time. Our services include reparation, installation, exchange, and AMC. Our service kits and AMC plans help in the maintenance of water purifier throughout the year. Our technicians are professionals who are also factory trained and install the products using the best products and accessories. On-time delivery and best services keep us ahead of our competitors.

We do have a pocket-friendly annual maintenance plan for all residential, industrial, and commercial appliances.

If you are looking for a water purifier or looking for services for your existing water purifier, contact us to get the best class services at quite affordable prices at your doorsteps.


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