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What Factors Affect A Slip And Fall Case Settlement?


Accidents happen every time! Everybody experience accidents and injuries that come with it. Sometimes that accident is due to your own mistake, but other time when it is the negligence of someone else, it is necessary to priory take medical care and then seek for a legal assistance hand. You should get proper compensation for it. To handle cases like these, you should hire a Slip & Fall Lawyer in Miami to help you through the case. Whether you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, or an insurance settlement, in order to win the case, it would be required to prove that someone else is guilty of this accident.

What Factors Affect A Slip And Fall Case Settlement

There are a few factors that determine the settlement for a slip & fall case. The compensation would depend upon the severity of the medical injury along with medical bills, and attorney fees, along with other loses. We have discussed a few factors determining a slip & fall injury case.


Negligence is nothing but a complete disregard for others safety. When you are present at someone else’s property, any hazardous situation that causes you an injury is a fault of the owner. From a wet floor to uneven surface, it could be anything. Therefore, it is essential for the victim party to put forward the reasons to prove that the owner is at fault. They should be able to prove that the property owner clearly created the dangerous situation and there was reasonable and visible understanding that anyone could suffer an injury if once caught in the situation. An experienced attorney can fight for your compensation for the problems faced due to negligence.

Dangerous conditions

You need to list down the dangerous conditions that did and could lead to fatal injury. From conditions like limited visibility, lightning, lack of reasonable justification are all factors that affect the slip and fall case settlement. Your Slip & Fall Lawyer in Miami would have to prove that justification was no longer valid and also that there was no preventive measure were exercised. At the time of the accident. Again this will come across the path of negligence.


In order to file charges of negligence, proving liability is a must. For this, the person must be the legal owner of the property; also the accident should take place on that property. Unless the business owner or property owner has liability insurance, they assume themselves as liable for the occurrence of the accident happened at their property.

Although there is a number of more factors to consider when determining slip and fall settlement, negligence and liability are two significant contributors. However, you slip and fall lawyer in Miami can fight for proper compensation for you along with other considerations such as legal fees, medical bills, suffering, and loss of time.

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