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What type of Leather Jacket Best Suits your Type?


When it comes to choosing a closer staple, there’s hardly anything with as much of an attitude as a leather jacket. It’s like it belongs there, and there’s not a single piece of garment that can take its place. And let’s face it; if you don’t own a leather jacket, you don’t have a complete wardrobe. Whether it’s fall, spring, or winter, a leather jacket holds the power to rock your look in the best way possible. But if you think choosing a leather jacket is all about comfort and fashion, then here, let us correct you. It’s more about choosing the right type for your body. That’s the only way it will flatter your outfit, applaud your body, and uplift your spirits.

What type of Leather Jacket Best Suits your Type

So, let’s see what type of leather jacket best suits your style.

The best leather jacket according to your shape

Figuring out the compatibility of the jacket with your body shape and size isn’t just restricted to a single-gender. Being a timeless piece of fashion, there is a leather jacket for every body type. However, as much as women want themselves to outshine others, men strive to find the best fit as well. And because the size differs for both, let’s have a look at them separately.

Female body shapes

Pear shape

Also known as the triangle shape, the focus of this body shape is on the curvier waist and hips. Fuller rear and narrow shoulders lay in comparison to your wider bust. For women with a pear-shaped body, A-line or waist-length jackets would accredit your body amazingly. You can also choose to wear cropped leather jackets to bring attention to the smaller part of your waist. Jackets with folding collars or breast pockets would also serve as an excellent option for this type of waist. Getting a vibrant, catchy colour would be an ideal choice to keep the eyes attracted towards the top half of your body. Colour contrast with the sleeves is an excellent colour-block combination choice.

Hourglass shape

If you’re born with an hourglass body shape, there’s no way you wouldn’t want to flaunt that! A curvy body, well-defined waist, fuller thighs and hips- that’s a body type that women die for. With that kind of body, you must opt for tight-fitted jackets to accentuate your body. Bomber jackets with an elastic band are the type that you must resort to. Jackets with vertical zippers would do great justice to your well-proportioned body. Monochromatic styling will further celebrate your figure, so try to wear the bottom of the same colour as your leather jacket to streamline your body.

Apple shape

This body shape holds a fuller upper and lower half with around mid-section. Ladies with this shape should avoid jackets with many zippers and detailing to highlight the top half of the body. However, you can go for pieces with belts as it can aid you in adjusting how tight you want your jacket to be. In addition, it will help your stomach appear smaller and complement your body type. An elongated form of jacket would be the best fit for an apple-shaped body. Jackets that cover your thigh area and below would help to conceal your lower region.

Male body shapes

Males have different body shapes and sizes compared to women, and they look forward to rocking their leather look just as much as a woman. Here, have a look at the ideal choice for your body type:


This body shape has broader shoulders and chest in contrast to a thin or squeezed midriff. These are the most envied body types that are highly looked for in fashion models. Men with a trapezoid-shaped body are likely to attract all eyes towards their midsection, and so, a bomber leather jacket would be a classic fit to bomb their look. Accessories would further illuminate your look, so here are the best five essential leather accessories for men.


Men with this body type are usually tall; however, they might be thin or massive. The width of their shoulders is marginally more than their midriff. This body shape should avoid fleece bomber leather jackets as they pad in your shoulder more and make your upper half look even bulkier. Instead, you need to look for a jacket that breaks through your rectangular figure, such as one with cushioned shoulders that would help your arms look smaller at the underarms. You can go for a motorcycle jacket or plus-size leather jacket as per your figure requirements. At the same time, remember, motorcycle jackets are a total no-go for shorter men. Leather coats are another option for males with a rectangular figure to turn to.

Altered triangle

This refers to a body type that’s been working out on its arms, chest, and shoulders that makes them look developed compared to a thinner midsection and hips. Settling for unstructured coats would be the choice while purchasing to emphasize your arms and shoulders while complementing your slimmer waist. Go for a pea coat to fulfil your body measurements.


As the shape suggests, it refers to a round body with thin arms and legs. Choose a jacket that adds width to your shoulders to lend you a square shape. Longer trench coats would be an ultimate suggestion for oval body shapes to spill some of the fullness from your chest to your knees.

Thin curve

This refers to a thin chest, sloppy shoulders, and confined rib limit. The hips section is more comprehensive on a total contract, giving your lower half a bulkier look. You need a coat or jacket that adds proportion to your body, especially your shoulders. A trench coat had the adequate capacity to enchant your look by providing the balance that your figure lacks. You can also choose to style your look with an elastic waistband to illusion your shoulders with a broader look.

Wrap up

With leather jackets being an ultimate essential component of your wardrobe, it is significant for you to find a piece that suits your body type and enhances your figure to give you a more voguish look. We have mentioned all the body types of men and women in this blog to help them find the perfect leather jacket according to their body shape.


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