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Learning Through Games: 8 Components Of Outstanding Learning Games


Games were always there to entertain us, but the way gaming has shaped up now due to advanced technology, parents’ concerns regarding their kids are understandable. Having said that, not all games are mindless or useless. Several games provide a fantastic opportunity to learn while having fun.

Numerous studies and surveys back the fact that playing games are actually good for our brains. One such study, conducted by the University of York, has concluded that gamers who perform well in video games have a high IQ.

8 Components Of Outstanding Learning Games

Not only a higher intelligence quotient, but games also provide the player with analytical thinking, strategy skills, problem-solving, leadership, and also efficient multitasking. Team building is another skill that one can learn via multiplayer games.

How a seemingly fun and exciting game facilitates learning is a question that needs a detailed approach. Today, we will discuss the components of a game, which makes it fall into the learning games category.

1. Complex challenges that trigger strategizing

Game developers are acing the art of adding unique challenges into games these days.

Kids and adults equally enjoy getting immersed in a challenge and successfully completing it. Be it a simple challenge like solving a jigsaw puzzle, or a complicated challenge of an action game; each one is a way to teach strategic skills of basic and advanced levels.

Strategizing is a crucial skill to learn, no matter what you do in life. And what better way to acquire it than a fun game?

2. Game design that allows exploring

“We know games can engage kids to learn, so let’s use games for real learning.” ~Barack Obama

If the design of the game is such that it requires players to explore, then it will teach the players analyzing abilities.

Games like Treasure Hunt by Zigiz are fun to play, and they teach kids careful decision making. Also, as the exploration factor is the crux of such games, it satisfies the inner explorer of kids quite well. Many games even impart knowledge in a fun way while stages of exploring.

3. Demanding intelligence

Learning games require the player to deliver his best in terms of intelligence. Often, games reach a stage where you get stuck, and the only way to move forward is by cracking complicated codes. These sorts of games teach one the ability to use logic and thinking even in stressful situations.

Puzzle games of various kinds fall into the category of games that demand prompt intellect and require the player to stay alert.

4. Social interaction that promotes teamwork skills

Multiplayer games are frowned upon quite harshly by parents. They need to realize that these games are actually teaching the child skills to communicate and teamwork. Both these skills are a must to acquire for use in all walks of life.

A game has an exciting version of chess that is a multiplayer game. The Master Chess multiplayer is not only fun as the opponent cannot cheat, but it also teaches many crucial abilities besides sharpening your mind.

5. Goal-oriented tasks requiring cognitive efforts

One component of a learning game that tops all in terms of being interesting is goals. Although virtual, goals in a game keep the player motivated, and he tries his best to achieve it quickly.

The Millionaire Quiz by Unlimited Gamez Mo is a very interesting game. The player needs to answer general knowledge questions correctly. By doing so, he can scale up to reach a goal of winning 1 million dollars. The fact that this quiz equips you with knowledge and allows you to try harder to win is the reason why it is amusing.

6. Levels up once proficiency is achieved

Gamers know how it feels to pass a level. The generous release of dopamine as a result of achievement in such games makes us feel alert and regulates our mood. The good thing about learning games is that you need to be a pro at one level if you want to go up.

Researchers who published a study in the Journal of Adolescent Research wrote that in video games, each skill tends to build upon the last in sequential order, resulting in aggregate effort overtime to complete the game.”

Typing Course game by learning games for kids is the best game under the level games category. Your kid will not only learn fast typing, but he will also learn that to move to the top, you cannot skip the steps.

7. Encouraging rehearsals

Games are different from real life as they give loads of chances, unlike reality.

While playing Subway Surfer, no matter if you get caught by the cop or get hit by a train, there is always the next time.

You keep rehearsing and trying until you win the game. Plants vs. Zombies is also a popular game that uses the same game theme of repeating. However, beware of fake game apps that look like the real one but may actually be malicious. Install an antivirus program on your android to stay protected from cyber attacks.

The “get up and try again” component of a game encourages the player to rehearse and make another try.

8. Educational content included

As mentioned on the Innovative Learning’s website, an 8th grader plays video games an average of 5 hours per week. Imagine this time spent on a side by side learning! Learning games are numerous and available for free to all; you need to sort and select the most exceptional one.

The National Geographic Challenge is a very captivating game and allows kids to know more about animals. The game includes many challenges that the player may complete. Other than that, word puzzles, math problems, quizzes, scrabble, and even guessing games are educational and a fun source to gain knowledge about anything.

Final words

When fun and learning go hand in hand, the self-worth of the kids gets increased. If we all begin destigmatizing games and allow our kids to play in moderation, our kids can reap the benefits of good learning games pretty soon. In fact, it will encourage game designers to apply similar components in learning games.


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