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8 Types Of Underwear For Men That Are Amazingly Comfortable


No matter how trendy your outfit is, you won’t look cool and handsome if you’re not 100% comfortable in it. When it comes to feeling comfortable, every aspect of your dressing plays a vital role.

Not surprisingly, your underwear is the most important aspect of your wardrobe. So when dealing with your boys, you want only the best.

8 Types Of Underwear For Men That Are Amazingly Comfortable

Ideal underwear should be fit enough to provide support to your organs, while its elasticity shouldn’t hamper your movement. So, when buying underwear, you need to keep a few things in mind – from support to comfort and everything in between.

Like every other thing around us, men’s underwear have witnessed some impressive innovations over the past few decades.

With the variety of fabric and style, it can be overwhelming trying to make sense of it all. And to be honest, not too many men are comfortable talking about their underwear.

But this is where we come in. In this blog, we’ve got all the essentials covered (No pun intended!). We have looked at all the types of underwear, from comfortable everyday wear to sexy lingerie (yes, there is such a thing).

1. The basic briefs

Most of us grew up wearing Fruit of the Loom cotton briefs. Commonly referred to as tighty whities, they are still considered to be the most classic underwear available on the market. Although cotton briefs come in different sizes and variations, they are typically defined by the Y-shaped fly in the front.

They provide the required coverage for your rear while leaving the legs exposed. The design is not aimed at being fancy, but simply an offering of comfort and ease in mobility.

It’s an excellent choice for those who wear tight or low-rise pants. And because they end in the natural crease between the body and leg, briefs are less prone to bunching and rising than other types.

So whether you choose mid-rise or low-rise briefs (those that sit at the belly button or three inches below the waist, respectively), this underwear offers optimal comfort, support, and fit.

2. Boxer shorts

If you want a bit more freedom and some extra breathing space down there, then boxer shorts are for you. Light and loose, they are ideal for lounging around the house and sleeping.

While their true nature is to offer comfort, it isn’t the right fit for everyone. Because it tends to bunch up underneath clothing, there may be too much fabric for those who opt for skinny jeans or trim cut pants. But more than anything, the ‘airy’ style offers practically no support during physical activities.

3. Boxer briefs

A crossover between boxer shorts with briefs results in a boxer brief. This type of underwear provides the snug, supportive fit of briefs with more coverage. And while boxer shorts fit loosely around the legs, boxer briefs have elasticized leg openings that keep the fabric tight against the leg.

So boxer briefs have become the low-maintenance underwear choice for many men nowadays. They maintain a comfortable fit under any outfit all day long. Moreover, it’s an excellent option for those who have an active lifestyle or are gym buffs.

Though boxer briefs are perfect for bigger, more muscular men, they look good even on men who aren’t in the best of shape.

4. Trunks

Boxer briefs are designed to provide extra cover for the thigh area. But if you are in search of something skimpier, then trunks are the perfect underwear style for you. They’re fit all body sizes and are snug enough to hold your man-junk in place just right.
Not too tight nor too loose; it’s the perfect choice for men with wider hips. Trunks are made with a combination of cotton blend and another fiber (for added stretch). That’s why they don’t lose their elasticity for soon.

It also makes the fabric soft and breathable. More importantly, the shorter size means that the fabric won’t bunch up under your clothes. And for those prone to wedgies, boxers may well be your sigh of relief.

5. Activewear

The comfort you feel in your skivvies is dependent upon the amount of support they provide to your organs. This consideration often gets missed when buying underwear.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your underpants with ones that provide more oomph and support. Mens pouch underwear is the perfect kind of underwear for people who need more lift, comfort, and support down there.

From the cropped trunk style to the longer boxer brief version, this type of underwear is ideal for athletes or for people who have an active and demanding lifestyle.

6. The jockstrap

If you are looking for maximum athletic mobility but less coverage than regular activewear underpants, then the jockstrap is the answer. They are purpose-built to hold you in place while offering more freedom of movement.

Since they are designed with less fabric, nothing is covering your rear, besides the straps that go over your legs. But this style offers more than just breathability. It can be used with a protective cup by sportsmen for extra safety.

7. Bikini briefs, thongs, and G-strings

Believe it or not, your underwear can get smaller than your regular briefs, and the scantier it gets, the sexier the name. A bikini brief is smaller in size than the low-rise brief.

Though it still covers your behind, the front is considerably smaller. The thong consists of a front pouch connected by fabric strips that leave the buttocks bare.

G-string is a minimalist version of them all. Though they are comfortable, they offer very little coverage and support. More often worn for novelty than anything else, they may not be the ideal choice to wear to the office or working out. Perhaps they are best used for romantic evenings.

8. Full length

As we progressed in our blog, the size of the underwear kept shrinking. However, it won’t end like that. The final underwear option we have for you is the full-length undies.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing long underwear to keep yourself nice and warm. It is useful, especially for those who work a great deal outdoors. These semi-form fitting leggings aren’t tight or bulky, allowing easy, unrestricted movement all day.

Bottom line

If you’re thinking about updating your underwear collection, then by now, you’ve probably got a better idea which ones to buy. Trying something new and exciting could add some much-needed flavor to your wardrobe.

Ready to unleash the new you?

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