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The 6 Biggest Challenges You Can Face Amid Home Renovation!


What difficulties can arise during the repair? Home renovation is one big problem. But it’s one thing to repair with the help of hired force, and another to do it yourself. In the first case, controlling actions are required and an independent study of the process of construction work and the implementation of their design decisions.

One of the main tasks is to choose renovation contractors in their field who’re responsible for the performance of the work. The cost of such repairs will consist of material costs and workers’ pay. What problems can you face?

The purchase of materials must be controlled. This will help cut costs and ensure that quality materials are purchased. While calculating the cost of work, the customer needs to know the area of the apartment so that unscrupulous performers don’t overestimate the payment, referring to the large amount of work.

During the repair, such unpleasant moments can occur as the execution of unnecessary work by the performers. later, you’ll experience the failure to meet the deadline for the work and incomplete work. Therefore, the customer needs to control the process at all stages of the work.

Here we explain some biggest challenges that you can experience amid home renovation.

Biggest Challenges You Can Experience During Home Renovation

● Lack of a Coherent Plan Of Action

While starting a renovation, it’s worthwhile to clearly understand the types of finishes that will be used, such as lamps, doors, plumbing fixtures, household appliances and furniture. Every accessory must be considered. For long curtains, you need to calculate the appropriate dimensions of the heating radiator so that they don’t lie on it and don’t bulge.

There are many similar nuances. And if a professional design project isn’t included in the budget for your renovation, you should independently think over every detail of the future interior, listening to the recommendations of specialists.

● Excess Savings on Rough Finishing

The rough finish is the “body” of the apartment, which is “dressed” in the final finish – materials, furniture, and decor. The quality of the entire repair depends on it. Therefore, excessive savings won’t only negatively affect the appearance of the future interior, but will also lead to additional spending later.

Fixing or completing a poor-quality rough finish is very problematic. This mistake is especially common when renovating apartments in new buildings. It’s better to initially entrust the rough finish to professionals than to subsequently face pitfalls when it’ll be impossible to fix something.

● Inability to Plan the Cost of Repairs

By purchasing an apartment or erecting the walls of a future house, the owners begin to think over the future interior with inspiration. This approach can be risky and reckless. Of course, the advanced completion of a new home with the necessary finishing is a correct and reasonable step.

But don’t do it in haste. Buying a sofa or carpet before selecting finishing materials for the floor, or making advance payment for a kitchen set before agreeing on the layout of the apartment and the corresponding. All tricks are aimed at nudging the buyer to make a quick decision in favour of a particular store.

● Look at Samples of Wall Decoration

Such a mistake during the renovation of an apartment as ignoring the probes of finishing the walls is pretty exhausting. For some reasons, repainting surfaces several times confuses the owners less than the advanced preparation of plaster over with wallpaper with further claims to the store for unjustified expectations is a different story altogether.

Decorative or textured plaster is a rather expensive type of finishing both in terms of materials and payment for the work of the master. Therefore, the lack of samples can turn to pain when choosing a decorative plaster. Most stores provide test samples of colours for free.

● Inappropriate Minimalism

The trend in kitchen design in recent years is sophisticated simplicity. Laconic forms and space provided by a minimum of furniture are some of the most popular solutions in the interior. But it’s important to objectively assess the number of things in each zone. Kitchen utensils and food supplies, household chemicals, sports equipment – all require designated storage space.

Therefore, it’s necessary to plan in advance what and where it will be. After all, such mistakes in apartment renovation turn minimalism into chaos. In order for the room to have visually more space and breathe easier, it isn’t necessary to use the minimalist style.

● Self-Measurements of Doors and Furniture

All measurements should be entrusted only to professionals. After all, an employee of a furniture company will better take into account hidden nuances that you might not even suspect. In addition, the company will be held liable for the size discrepancies. The measurement service is most often provided by a furniture or door store free of charge.

But there is no need to save money, even if you have to pay for this option. Don’t order large and built-in furniture, relying on the measurement plan of the dwelling or the approximate dimensions as a keepsake. However, the measurer should be called after the walls are plastered.


By purchasing expensive materials, many customers are trying to save money on builders by choosing cheaper offers on the service market. Not only do the masters’ lack sufficient experience, they also have appropriate tools and equipment to run the home renovation project. Therefore, it’s better to sign up in line with reputable renovation contractors than to live with poorly executed work in the future.

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